Boy George Accused Of False Imprisonment; Victim Speaks Out


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Boy George’s real name is George O’Dowd and it is safe to say he had everyone wondering at some point about his career. Some thought the man would be lost to drugs, alcohol or any number of other issues plaguing his career, yet he proved them wrong. Sometimes coolest spots in ga the public eye for the wrong reason, Boy George has been working on his image and getting his life back together over the past several years. Music: The music shouldn’t be hard to figure out.

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5- Here Comes the Rain Again, Eurythmics – The Eurythmics, made up of Dave Stewart and Annie Lenox, were one of the more successful groups of the genre and of the decade. Included among their string of top 40 hits was this haunting tune, taking the listener on a hypnotic journey through Lenox’s desolate emotions.